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Even after writing 20 chapters spanning nearly 300 pages, we still find ourselves with a lot to say about Zero Trust!

Join us here for a series of conversations about the book, and about why we approached things the way we did. Our goal for these discussions is to provide you with additional context and commentary, as well as further thoughts on Zero Trust Security.

Welcome and Introduction

Jason and Jerry welcome you to this video series, and set the stage for our discussions about the book.
(duration: 1 minute)

Session 1:
Our Zero Trust Origin Story

While neither of us are superheroes, we do have a Zero Trust origin story. In this video, we talk about how and when we each learned about these concepts, and what we hope our readers and viewers will take away from the book and the video series. (duration: 13 minutes)

Session 2:
Zero Trust Principles

In this session, we introduce the six Zero Trust principles, and talk about why they’re important.
(duration: 18 minutes)

Session 3:
What is Zero Trust?

In this session, we’re joined by a special guest — the book’s technical reviewer, Chris Steffen — and the three of us discuss our definition of Zero Trust.
(duration: 29 minutes)

Session 4: Zero Trust Architectures (part 1)

Zero Trust architectures matter a lot — their elements, capabilities, and deployment models have a big impact on enterprises’ journeys. In part 1, we talk about architectural principles and elements (duration: 23 minutes)

Session 5: Zero Trust Architectures (part 2)

In part 2 of this discussion, we talk through each of the four Zero Trust deployment models, and about why they’re good, but are (by necessity) incomplete representations of real-world deployments (duration: 20 minutes)

Session 6:
Cloud Migration

Cloud migration can take many different forms, and we discuss different considerations and impacts for Zero Trust depending on how the cloud is approached.
(duration: 24 minutes)

Session 7:
Triggers and Actions (part 1)

Enterprise IT systems are dynamic, with different types of triggers that a Zero Trust system must respond to. In part 1 of this topic, we discuss how these events impact Identities and Endpoints.
(duration: 27 minutes)

AWS Verified Access: Analysis and Commentary

An analysis of and commentary on AWS Verified Access, their Zero Trust remote access solution, announced at AWS re:invent in December 2022.
(duration: 25 minutes)

The State of Zero Trust 2023: Survey Review

Jason discusses the highlights from three recent surveys on “The State of Zero Trust”

(duration: 29 minutes)


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